Analyst Insights

The inaugural SiriusDecisions Summit in Asia Pacific will unveil the latest b-to-b research and insights relevant to the region, showcase customer stories and successes, and offer numerous networking opportunities with SiriusDecisions analysts and more than 150 b-to-b sales, marketing and product leaders.

Hear directly from our analysts why Summit APAC is a must-attend-event:

“SiriusDecisions Summit APAC will share actionable insights to the challenges b-to-b leaders face in the diverse Asian markets they address, especially how to strike a balance between incorporating requirements and guidance from headquarters while meeting the unique needs of each country in the region.”
Paul Dolan – Research Director, APAC


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“I’m super excited that the Summit APAC agenda is diverse and features so many unique presentations. Sessions will reveal key insights regarding the content and interaction preferences of Asia-Pacific B-to-B buyers in each stage of the buyer journey based on the findings of the SiriusDecisions 2017 B-to-B Buyer Study.”
Meta Karagianni – Service Director, European CMO Strategies


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“The SiriusDecisions Demand Unit WaterfallTM is changing how global organizations define and relate to their buyers and at Summit APAC, we will discuss the new capabilities offered by the Demand Unit Waterfall, and provide a decision-support framework for helping you determine how your organization can realize its benefits.”
Kerry Cunningham – Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies


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“Summit APAC is different from other events because all insights and information shared is fact-based and supported by extensive data so that attendees can see exactly what is working, why it is working, and how to implement it themselves.”
Jay Gaines – Chief Marketing Officer and Research Fellow


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“If you’re a regional marketer looking to learn about the latest best practices in sales and marketing, Summit APAC is your opportunity to get an entire day of quality content and networking with peers and sales and marketing experts from all over the globe.”
Gil Canare – Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies


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