Summit APAC 2018 Plenary Sessions Activating Persona and Buyer Insights for Demand Creation

Activating Persona and Buyer Insights for Demand Creation

Speaker(s):  Barry Vasudevan

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Personas and Buyer Insights

SiriusDecisions CMO Study in Asia-Pacific validated that increasingly many b-to-b organisations in the region are striving to adopt a persona-based approach to marketing and sales to achieve audience-centricity. Operationalising personas into campaigns requires deep buyer insights with a detailed understanding of how the buyer wants to buy. Our 2017 B2B Buyer Study in Asia-Pacific revealed regional specific insights that are critical input to drive effective demand creation programs. Although portfolio marketing and demand creation need to collaborate closely when leveraging persona and buyer insights in demand creation programs, this is a critical link that is often weak across b-to-b organisations, which impacts business performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Learn how local buyer insights inform the design and activation of demand creation programs
  • Identify ways to work closely with cross-functional marketing leadership in the region and with corporate teams to get buy-in and support

For sales:

  • Learn how to align internal sales process to the buying decision process
  • Identify collaboration opportunities with marketing, providing both input and validation on local buyer personas and the buyer’s journey, including past buying behaviour
"Marketing programs and campaigns that work require an understanding of how the target audience buys. Join us at Summit APAC to learn how to operationalise persona data and insights in demand creation efforts. We will show you how product marketers and demand marketers should collaborate to create audience-centric marketing programs that yield results.”<br /><br />&ndash;Rachel Young