Summit APAC 2018 Plenary Sessions Modernising Localisation for a Global Digital World

Modernising Localisation for a Global Digital World

Speaker(s):  Phyllis Davidson, Paul Dolan

Focus: Optimize

Priorities: Strategic Content Planning; Content Management and Technology

B-to-b marketing organisations have exponentially increased the volume of content they create to support a wide array of audience segments, offerings, channels, content types, languages and cultures. With the need to serve multiple markets across the Asia-Pacific region, b-to-b organisations need to revisit their approaches to translation and localisation and consider the use of a more strategic blend of language services and technology aligned to a rationalised content strategy. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Identify areas where localisation costs, customer experience and efficiency can be optimised
  • Learn how to innovatively apply language services, machine translation, post-editing and transcreation across content types to better support business objectives and optimise the customer experience
  • Get real-world examples of how peer organisations are modernising their localisation engines
"Content is still king – in every market, language and geography. Yet many b-to-b marketers struggle with the complexity of creating strategic content plans for multiple audiences, languages, cultures and offerings. We are thrilled to host a session at Summit APAC that will arm delegates with step-by-step guidance on how to build a multilingual content strategy to support regional campaign and program objectives." ”<br /><br />&ndash;Phyllis Davidson