Summit APAC Case Studies

Sponsor Case Studies

Join us on 9 October at Summit APAC for our practitioner case study sessions. Read below to learn more about these customer success stories!


Bigtincan's cutting-edge approach to optimizing their processes has helped ANZ Bank increase customer and employee satisfaction.


In this session, we aim to share more about how we overcame obstacles in getting Western best practices to work in China, how we leveraged on the local ecosystem, and how we live with certain limitations in this market.

Ledger Bennett

The combined Canon and Ledger Bennett team bring extensive experience laying the foundation for centralised marketing success across the omni-channel today and into the future.


Building brands and driving growth with data-driven decision making.


Developing the pipeline: Transitioning B2B marketing to drive revenue growth through connected customer experiences.


This session will discuss how VentureHaven successfully adopted Zoho to automate the critical processes, reduce human mistakes, and increase the productivity of the workforce.