Summit APAC Case Studies Bigtincan Case Study

Bigtincan: The Platform for All Verticals

Tuesday 9 October 2018 | 11:00 - 11:45

Sponsor Name: Bigtincan

Speaker: Lance Elias, SVP of Global Services and APAC Sales, Bigtincan

In industries historically slow-to-move when it comes to adoption of new technology, ANZ Bank and Goulburn Council have been able to streamline their processes for capturing client information through the use of tablets and Bigtincan Hub, the industry’s leading Sales Enablement Automation platform. This cutting-edge approach to optimizing their processes has helped ANZ Bank increase customer and employee satisfaction, as well as an over 30% uplift in Sales meetings. 

Join Lance Elias, SVP of Global Services and APAC Sales, to learn:

  • How ANZ Bank has embraced the transition from paper-heavy processes to a focus on digital tools, and achieved a payback period 1/6 the average for their new hardware and software initiative
  • How Goulburn Council utilized Bigtincan’s custom forms capabilities to streamline their operations on and offline
  • Why Digital Transformation is essential not only for financial services and government, but across all verticals