Summit APAC Sessions T1 Digitizing the Partners Journey

Digitising the Partner’s Journey

Wednesday 16 October 2019 | 10:05 - 10:40

Speaker(s):  Angela Leech

Syndicate(s): Track 1

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Partner Enablement and Engagement

Many organisations have defined and mapped their direct buyers’ journey and interaction preferences (both digital and non-digital) to enable purchase decisions and accelerate deal cycles. In the same way, suppliers should map their indirect partners’ journeys and identify patterns of interactions, content consumption and partner engagement across the entire partner lifecycle. Creating persona-based partner journeys that encompass digital as well as non-digital interactions is a key ingredient for driving success in indirect channels.

In this session you will learn for sales and marketing:

● A new model that helps supplier map and operationalise their partners journey to drive greater partner engagement and results.

● Understand how to depict your partner’s journey stages and key activities and processes by partner persona for each partner type.

● Identify patterns of interactions, content consumption and engagement across the partner’s journey and which to offer digitally vs. non-digitally.